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Aster - Integration with your MS Office 365 workflow
Aster - Integration with your MS Office 365 workflow

End-to-end integration of Aster into your MS Office 365 workflow

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To follow this tutorial you must:

If you do not have an instance or a subdomain yet, contact Francis at the following email address: .

If you have an instance but you have not received your manifest for your Outlook plugin or .zip of your Aster bot from MS Teams, pleare address to the Aster administrator of your company, or contact us by the chat of this page.

Step 1: Install the Outlook plugin

For an detailed explanation, follow the installation guide of the MS Outlook plugin.

Step 2: Integrate your Aster bot with MS Teams

To install Aster chatbot in your MS Teams, follow our Aster Chatbot instalation guide for MS Teams.

Step 3: Integrate Aster with Planner and Sharepoint

Last step: syncronize your task lists and reports under OneNote with our Planner and Sharepoint integrations. Follow the installation guide!

Aster is integrated!

If everything went right, your Aster is completly integrated into your workflow.

If you encounter problems during installation or have suggestions or remarks, do not hesitate to contact us!

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