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Saml V2 SSO for Aster - Install from your Azure Portal
Saml V2 SSO for Aster - Install from your Azure Portal
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Please insert in your processes that we need to be informed if you modify your SSO setup (any of information filled within this tutorial).

So that we can reconfigure it together, and assure Aster continuity of service.

Step 1: Create your new application in your Azure Portal

Login into

Step 2: Configure your new app

In the filter list fill the text field with: Azure AD SAML Toolkit.

Select the choice:

Fill the name of your app, exemple below:

When redirected into your new application, select SSO in the left menu and then SAML:

Then select upload metadata file, choose the file on your computer and click on Add button:

All fields will be filled except login URL; the login URL is depending on your tenant ID. To find the tenant ID go to:

And copy the field called “Tenant ID”:

You can find the tenant ID in your azure portal in another page.

Fill now the login URL with value:

Click on "Save" to finish:

Step 3: Send us your metadata file

Then you have to send your metadata file to aster, you can find the file in the SSO page “App Federation Metadata Url” or “Federation Metadata XML”:

Please send the file to the contact who deploy SSO for your Aster instance.

Please don’t forget to give access to the app for the user / group you want in the “Users and Groups” tabs.

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