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Integrations - Install and authorize Aster App from your Azure Portal
Integrations - Install and authorize Aster App from your Azure Portal

Install App through Azure Portal and authorize Graph API calls needed

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Before following this tutorial, you must have:

  • Got infos you need from your Aster support contact: [Your Company Name], [https://your-redirect-uri]

Step 1 : Register the application

First of all, you need to go to the Azure app registration portal.

Click on “New registration”

You will land on this page:

You must fill in the following fields:

  • Name: "Aster [Your Company Name]"

  • Supported account types: check the third option (“Accounts in any organizational directory and personal Microsoft accounts”)

  • Redirect URI: [https://your-redirect-uri]

Then click on “Submit”:

The app is now registered!

You can check that the display name, supported account types and redirect URIs are correct:

Step2: Set permissions

If everything is OK, click on “View API permissions”:

Click on “Add a permission”:

A panel opens on the right - select “Microsoft Graph”:

Then, select “Delegated permissions”:

You can now tick the following permissions:

  • offline_access

  • Directory.Read.All

  • Group.ReadWrite.All

  • Notes.ReadWrite.All

  • Tasks.ReadWrite.Shared

  • User.Read

Then, click on “Submit”:

Check that the new permissions are correctly set:

Step3: Generate a secret password

Now, go to the “Certificates and secrets” section, and click on “New client secret”:

When the top panel opens, select “Never” and click on “Add”:

A new secret password has been generated for the Microsoft app. Copy it somewhere and send it to us, we need to set it in your config files:

Step 4: Grant consent & send claims

Everything is now set up, you can grant the consent for your organization: go to “API permissions” section, click on “Grant admin consent” at the bottom of the page, and accept:

There you go, the app is now all set up! The last thing you need to do is send us (at your support contact):

  • your previously generated password

  • your Microsoft App Id

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