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Outlook 2013+ Add-in - How to install it and use it
Outlook 2013+ Add-in - How to install it and use it

If the company is using Microsoft Exchange Server 2013+ or Office 365

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This instalation guide is for users who have a deployed instance for their company and have a Microsoft Exchange 2013+ or an Office 2013+ account.


Go to the Office store.

Important: If you do not find the store on your Outlook as a heavy client (desktop software), remember to check as a thin client (SaaS online).

Step 2

Go to ''My add-ins''.

Step 3

Click on ''Add a custum add-in''.

Step 4

Click on ''Add from URL''.

Step 5

Copy and paste the URL of the configuration file that your Aster referent gave you and validate it.

Step 6

You will then see Aster showing up in the tab when creating your next meeting.

Step 7

Fill in the Outlook meeting request: subject, date, time, participants.

Step 8

Click on the Aster logo and fill in the panel that opens to the right:

  • recurrence if it is a routine (following regular meetings) that you want to set up

  • the topics in the agenda and the (preparatory) roles of the participants.

Step 9

Send the Outlook meeting request, Aster will then work for you (remind participants about their roles and tasks, generate reports).

Download the Aster brochure here:

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